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Watch all the content you rent here on your TV with Vimeo. Available on several TV app platforms like Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and even through Chromecast. Download the Vimeo app and enjoy the best documentaries and science videos on your great-looking, splendid, fabulous, brand new, smart TV!


Create an account on Vimeo

Register on Vimeo or create a free account in just a few minutes.


Vimeo APP

Download and install the app

Download and install the Vimeo app on your desired TV device. Vimeo is available for Android, Apple TV, Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.


Purchase the content

Buy the content you want to watch from ROCKEdiT TV. Now you can watch the content right here on ROCKEdit TV or on your desired TV platform through the Vimeo app you have installed under your "Purchases" section.

More info

You can view Vimeo On Demand videos on your TV using any of the connected devices listed in this Help Center article.

For most connected TV devices, you’ll need to make sure you have the Vimeo app installed on your connected device. You can find helpful instructions in the TV Apps section of our FAQ.

Once you have access to Vimeo on your device, log in to your account, and navigate to your Watch Later queue — any Vimeo On Demand titles that you purchase or rent will appear here automatically.

The Vimeo iOS app also supports Chromecast and iOS AirPlay, so you can cast and AirPlay videos from your iOS devices right to your TV. You can find helpful instructions in our Chromecast and AirPlay FAQ articles.

Apple TV users can log into their Vimeo accounts and find their VOD rentals and purchases under the “My Videos” section.

Once you've logged in to your device and selected the title you want to watch, sit back and enjoy!